Binomial: Calea zachatechichi

Common names:
Bitter grass, Leaf of the gods

This Mexican herb is for any intrepid dream explorer who wants to experience a richer dream life as well as to feel the benefits of improved mental clarity.

Calea zacatechichi is a medium sized shrub that is known to be a hallucinogen and to increase dreams. Because of this, it is often referred to as the “dream herb”. It also is called “bitter grass” because the plant material of Calea zacatechichi has an intense bitter taste.

Calea zacatechichi has been used in folk remedies for thousands of years as an appetite stimulant, cleansing agent, calming agent, laxative, and for treatment of diarrhea, dysentery, fever, skin rashes, swollen scalps, “cold stomach”, and headache.

Some people use Calea zacatechichi to induce psychic dreams, help remember dreams, and to increase dreaming. In addition, Calea zacatechichi has also been studied for mental enhancement and sleep.


There are a few ways of taking Calea.

TEA INFUSION:  For those trying this for the first time, I recommend making a tea by pouring boiling water over 1-2 grams of Calea zacatechichi. Let steep for 10 minutes and then drink about an hour before going to bed. As you fall asleep, confidently hold the intention in your mind that you will have a lucid dream.  Honey may be added as the herb has a distinctly bitter taste.

SMOKE:  Calea can be smoked on its own, or blended with other herbs if the smoke is too harsh.

TINCTURE:  Take 3-5 drops sublingually before bed.

Calea should not be taken concurrently with ANY African dream plants. They seem to cancel each other out and there is no Dream recall.

It is important to note that some people simply stop recalling their dreams at all when they start using Silene undulata or any other dream herbs.
It is not fully understood why this happens, but often, these people will begin experiencing lucid dreams when they stop taking the dream root.