Binomial: Synaptolepis kirkii

Common names:
African Dream Root, Uvuma-omhlope

The most fascinating of all the African dream roots, Synaptolepis kirkii contains an alkaloid called Kirkinine which is showing great promise in the treatment of Alzeimer’s. For those of us who are not suffering any degenerative cognitive illness, Kirkinine improves memory and is considered a neurotrophic substance. Synaptolepis kirkii needs only be taken in small quantities of between 100mg and 500mg per day and can be taken as a bed time tea. Not only does it induce lucid dreaming, but it promotes a sense of well-being during the day light times, probably due to the apparently improved sleep after drinking this tea.


Studies indicate that Synaptolepis kirkii may be an affective treatment for Leukaemia.

This plant improves memory and is said to improve cognitive ability. It has also shown promise in the field of nerve damage.

It is important to note that some people simply stop recalling their dreams at all when they start using Silene undulata or any other dream herbs.
It is not fully understood why this happens, but often, these people will begin experiencing lucid dreams when they stop taking the dream root.