BinomialCommon name/sUsesQtyPriceStock
Anadenanthera colubrina & A.peregrinaCebil & YopoShamainc use, journery work - viable for growing1gR30.00
Argyreia nervosaHawaiian Baby WoodroseThe hallucinatory effects of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose are similar to alcohol intoxication with psychedelic visual effects such as enhanced colors. The effects last 6-8 hours.10 x seedsR50.00
Peganum harmalaSyrian RueShamanic, fending off evil spirits. MAOi inhibitor10gR100
San PedroViable seeds for planting20 x seedsR50.00

Ethnotraders are delighted at the decriminalization of Marijuana, but it is not legal to trade and it is not nor will it ever be an Ethnotrader product. We do support your right to cognitive liberty and are really happy that you may now use Cannabis in the privacy of your own home without fear.